WHY LIE COMMISSIONERS? AN INCONVENIENT VISIBILITY .Kirkmeyer had been questioned simply days later on in the 19, 2016, Weld County Council meeting december.

WHY LIE COMMISSIONERS? AN INCONVENIENT VISIBILITY .Kirkmeyer had been questioned simply days later on in the 19, 2016, Weld County Council meeting december.

For just two years, Kirkmeyer along with her cronies thought the wool was pulled by her over everyone’s eyes. Then a CORA (open documents work) request by a citizen, Bill Gillard, revealed that Kirkmeyer has lied repeatedly. The lie first told publicly towards the Weld County Council during the 19, 2016 meeting was that no commissioners had solicited realbadcreditloans.com/ donations for the overbudget exercise that was being held at a resort in Breckinridge december.

Now that Kirkmeyer is known by us directly did in order confirmed in a contact chain revealed by the CORA. The e-mail chain from July 6, 2016 shows Xcel agent, Todd Anderson, asked for regular meetings that are“private the BOCC to talk about the North Southern Weld/Greeley transmission lines. (Yes that Xcel e-mail about lines going across Commissioner Freeman home.) As a result, Kirkmeyer told him certain and also the two decided on quarterly conferences. Kirkmeyer then asked for $5000 to counterbalance the costs associated with the training. The Xcel representative countered with $2500. Kirkmeyer in her own joy forwarded the e-mail towards the Emergency Management director. Kirkmeyer additionally asked her scheduler setting the very first Xcel conference for September 6, 2016.

Whenever Commissioner Conway together with county attorney raised issues about asking corporations conducting business before the county for cash for the intended purpose of balancing the overspending to the spending plan, Kirkmeyer along with her cronies in the BOCC, then asked United solution to gather the income. United Method consented on the basis of the representation that it might be for workers off their governments in order that they could attend along side Weld County workers. In the long run although the money just had been employed by Weld County to counterbalance the $45,000 invested, $30,000 within the budget that is original of $15,000. None had been used on residents beyond your county payroll. Email messages with Kirkmeyer’s title onto it show that the last cash built-up from several companies ended up being gathered and sent to your Weld County coffers on November 30, 2016 by United Method.

With indignation, Kirkmeyer lied and stated that no commissioners had solicited contributions.

Fort 2 yrs that lie that is same been duplicated. Only if exposed does she now claim she “did maybe not keep in mind” she did that.

Commissioner Freeman has hurried to Kirkmeyer’s protection saying commissioners raise cash on a regular basis. Certain, but not to offset county costs to full cover up the known fact of overspending away from spending plan workout. A workout that hauled down county employees to a resort within the hills whenever a perfectly great place for the workout existed within the county during the high tech center in the management workplaces in Greeley. (Note this year 125 people went to with regards to happened in Greeley compared to the 62 at Breckinridge at a budget cost of $15,000.)

Okay, WHY LIE about any of it? To protect within the reality that she asked for the cash after Xcel asked for “private” conferences? To mask that other cash which may have now been raised by commissioners had always visited 3rd party charities but it was going directly to the county coffers for the very first time ever? To protect up the reality that after the e-mail had been required by a CORA, it absolutely was maybe not turned over and hidden? To protect the fact up that whenever Commissioner Conway questioned the “private” conference, Kirkmeyer could have been ashamed because of the launch of the discussion with Xcel that happened on July 6, 2016? To cover the fact up that the e-mail between Xcel and her when revealed in October, 2016 caused her to phone Commissioner Conway unethical for “releasing” it? To protect the fact up that Commissioner Kirkmeyer as well as the other three, Freeman, Moreno, Cozad initiated a study against Conway and railed against him for releasing that exact same Xcel email when you look at the investigation?

Appears us you did not remember doing all that like we a lot of “reasons” but please Kirkmeyer don’t tell. Treat us like grownups, Kirkmeyer and inform us exactly what else you failed to keep in mind.



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