‘Love Is Blind’ Star Mark Cuevas Got Exposed By Reddit For Cheating on LC

‘Love Is Blind’ Star Mark Cuevas Got Exposed By Reddit For Cheating on LC

Love Is Blind premiered on Netflix in February and quickly received in audiences along with its unique dating concept. Also, fans additionally discovered on their own engrossed in every the twists and turns the show needed to provided as individuals attempted to happily find their ever after.

Nevertheless, regardless of the very first period of Love Is Blind being fully over, it is clear the drama surrounding the individuals has not yet ended. Recently, fans had been surprised with regards to they unearthed that not merely had been Mark Cuevas dating Lauren “LC” Chamblin, but he additionally cheated on the also.

Mark Cuevas on ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

Mark Cuevas proposed to Jessica Batten on ‘Love Is Blind’

Those that watched prefer Is Blind might keep in mind that Cuevas was a 24-year-old Chicago native who proposed to 34-year-old Jessica Batten. Even though the two of these hit it well into the “pods,” their relationship had been constantly being undermined by Batten’s not enough real attraction to him and her so-called emotions for another participant, Matthew Barnett.

Cuevas and Batten managed to get to their wedding, but Batten declined to say “I do.” They separated a while later.

Cuevas presumably started dating Lauren ‘LC’ Chamblin and cheated on her behalf

Although Cuevas is not any longer with Batten, it absolutely was recently revealed he had started dating another participant regarding the show: Lauren “LC” Chamblin.

People had been introduced to Chamblin within the “pods,” and she had been one of several females vying for Barnett’s heart. Nonetheless, she would not obtain a proposition to go ahead to another location stages associated with show.

The other day, a Reddit individual made a post having said that, “My close friend’s co-worker is dating Mark. ” and shared an image of Cuevas with a female.

A few times later on, Chamblin taken care of immediately the thread and unveiled she and Mark was mail order brides indeed dating since “the start of May.” Chamblin additionally went into factual statements about their relationship, sharing these people were perhaps perhaps maybe maybe not exclusive, but she obviously talked about her objectives.

“We weren’t bf/gf or anything but we’d conversations that are several perhaps maybe maybe not being with other people, specially as a result of Covid 19,” Chamblin had written. “I happened to be SUPER clear through the very first time we hung out that we wasn’t trying to find a hookup and then he guaranteed me he’s ‘not that sort of man’ and ended up being ‘only thinking about me’ and will say such things as ‘What have you been therefore afraid of with me personally? I’m perhaps perhaps maybe maybe not going anywhere, LC. That’s not who we am.’ (LOL)”

She continued to notice that Cuevas “randomly” took a vacation to Cleveland, and she thinks he had been seeing an other woman here behind her right straight right back.

Chamblin proceeded: “The time he got in out of this journey we picked him up and then we went along to dinner. He asked me personally the way I had been experiencing about him in which he sat here and smiled when I continued regarding how we thought he had been the sweetest guy I’ve ever been with and exactly how happy I happened to be, ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND he had been simply using this woman probably lower than 24 hours prior.”

She additionally guaranteed fans she “broke it well with Mark” after learning by what ended up being taking place.

Batten taken care of immediately reports of Cuevas cheating

Although Cuevas himself has yet to react to these accusations, his ex-fiancГ©e did chime in with a few revelations.

Based on E! Information, within the remark of an Instagram post, a fan wrote: “Mark was sleeping with NUMEROUS women during the studio he taught at throughout the show. Possibly reveal those interviews along with his workers the next occasion @Netflix.”

Batten, then, reacted: “Wow. Information in my experience, we just learn about one.”



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