They are our pals Nicole and Allison. They came across through the inspiration and rapidly became friends that are fast.

They are our pals Nicole and Allison. They came across through the inspiration and rapidly became friends that are fast.

The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania acknowledges the initial requirements of adults clinically determined to have epilepsy inside our neighborhood. We make an effort to offer our adults that are young possibilities to socialize, teach, volunteer, and gain freedom. These pages covers strategies for teenagers with epilepsy, personal trips provided by the EFEPA, Transition Resources for Young grownups and information about the EFEPA Youth Council.

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Information for teenagers

As with any stages of life, becoming a young adult just isn’t without its number of troubles. Adolescents with Epilepsy face different challenges than a majority of their colleagues. Having a spot to get responses to questions regarding operating, dating, college, alcoholic beverages along with other issues that are important useful in navigating several of those problems.

Ever feel like you don’t would you like to clarify your seizures with their class mates, educators, mentors, or pals? Or perhaps you take to, nonetheless they just don’t appear to comprehend? Being unsure of exactly how every person will respond can add on towards the problem. Attempting to stabilize it with college, research, recreations, activities, household duties and friendships can enough be hard. Then there’s that “never understanding” anxiety about if the seizure that is next occur. Often it hurts, or it is frustrating, needing to cope with epilepsy. It may be also more difficult to simply accept if it impacts your capability to obtain a driver’s permit. It could be annoying that is just plain. Experiencing the extra weight of a epilepsy analysis, the influence of medications or surgery, can seem like too often much. But that doesn’t imply you’re alone. We think that through awareness and education we are able to assist use the burden off your arms.

The EFEPA will come talk at your college about seizures which means your class mates and instructors have a far better comprehend of epilepsy. Or, we could assist link you along with other teenagers dealing with challenges that are similar can offer relationship and help. We’re offered to respond to questions you may have about likely to university, making use of community transport or lifestyle by yourself. Some thing else you will need assistance with? Also in the right direction if we can’t help, we can point you. Only epilepsy that is remember–having absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, even when it occasionally seems in that way. Over 2 million People in america have epilepsy exactly like you.

A great resource is Girls with Nerve if you’re a teen with questions about sexual and reproductive health. Always check their website out for details about speaking with the doctor, dating and more.

For information about scholarships, view here.

Moms and dads: Have you got questions regarding transitioning she or he to adulthood? See the presentation here, delivered by Bruce Sham, CPA from First Financial, on steps you can take to facilitate the procedure. >Our social tasks provide youngsters the opportunity that is unique develop interactions making use of their colleagues which might usually be unavailable. These activities additionally assist develop a feeling of neighborhood which provides assistance and comprehension, in addition to to be able to simply enjoy. The Foundation has planned events including a bowling party, a mall and movie meet up, and a camp and counselor reunion in the past. Here’s everything we are performing today:

Younger Mature Educational Tools

They are our friends Nicole and Allison. They found through the building blocks and rapidly became fast friends. Whether or not it’s volunteering as counselors collectively at Camp Achieve or chilling out at certainly one of our Meet-Ups, Allison and Nicole love becoming indeed there for every various other. If you’re thinking about participating in just about any associated with the EFEPA’s social tasks for youngsters or have actually ideas for everything you or your youthful person want to do, kindly e mail us at .


Cultivating autonomy inside our adults is a concern when it comes to Foundation. Many teenagers with epilepsy struggle with dealing with locations without having a permit, residing away residence, and employment that is obtaining. Independence not just provides a sense of self-worth, however it is step one in directing adults to be effective people in the community that is global.



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