The setup that is best for camping with water hookups

The setup that is best for camping with water hookups

Through the years i’ve create a setup that works well great for me personally once we have actually water hookups at a campground. I’ll show you all of the pieces and components right right right here and explain whatever they do.

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This list begins during the water source and finishes at your RV’s city water connection

  • Y-Adapter
  • Drinking Tap Water Hose
  • Filter
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Hose Elbow


We begin with a Y-Adapter linked to the spigot during the campground. This provides you an extra unregulated complete stress connection for any other uses like black colored tank flushing or linking a sprinkler for the children.

Water Hose

Then is a good water hose. I love the Camco 5/8” inside diameter hose. You prefer a hose that is certified Lead Free and safe for drinking tap water. Additionally, you wish to avoid that is hoses since they will limit the flow. I keep two 20-foot hoses in my RV for anyone instances when water connection at a campsite is perhaps all the way to the leading or straight right back.

In-Line Water Filter

Some RV’s come have a built-in filter, you can skip this and make sure you have a clean cartridge in your filter if yours does.

I like making use of a carbon filter since we don’t carry bottled water. We do keep a Brita Pitcher within the refrigerator for drinking tap water. I take advantage of the Camco TastePure KDF/Carbon Filter.

Pressure Regulator

A stress regulator is just a must-have. Water force at some campgrounds isn’t well managed and could be way too high for your RV’s plumbing system. I enjoy install the regulator after my inline water filter. If you set it up ahead of the filter your will end up with a lesser force at your camper because of the extra fall through the filter. I take advantage of a pretty basic model from Camco. You will find fancier models including a stress measure, but just like the expensive sewer hoses i believe the cost effective is in the exact middle of the street model.

Hose Elbow

The final bit of the water system puzzle is really a Brass Hose Elbow. This links to your town water slot in your camper and enables the hose to down hang straight. The elbow does 2 things for you personally. The leverage is reduced by it produced by hanging a hose right out, plus it reduces the opportunity of this hose kinking or getting harmed by somebody walking by.

Expandable Hose

In addition carry an expandable hose beside me that We just utilize for spraying things down and filtering my black colored tank. We now have the pocket that is original, but once it breaks We intend on going up to the Zero-G hose. It really is ranked for drinking tap water, so you may supercede your white water hose along with it and save your self only a little room. Just don’t use the hose that is same normal water and tank flushing. To get more sewer connection recommendations take a look at this short article.

An additional tip on your own water connection. We keep consitently the Elbow, filter and regulator attached to one another.

This way once I get to camp we just have-to link the elbow into the town water slot therefore the hose towards the base associated with filter. This saves a short amount of time whenever showing up and wearing down camp.

A couple of more guidelines you need to know

  1. Constantly carry a water jug, we keep a blue 5-gallon jug in the leading compartment of my 5 th You can’t say for sure whenever you will come to an end of water or possess some other problem that will require you to receive water from elsewhere.
  2. Drinking tap water sterilization, you don’t have the option to fill your tank with safe water, installing a water purification system could be a better option than hauling bottled water around if you plan on camping in locations where the quality of the water is questionable, and. The Acuva UV-LED Water Purification System is not low priced, nonetheless it will make certain you have clean drinking water that is safe.

You can now get started in the camping that is first understanding how your water system works.

You started if you are looking for more beginners camping tips check out this article with over 100 tips to get.

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