The Ebony guys whom attend our parties inform us which our events are merely the greatest parties in London plus the British.

The Ebony guys whom attend our parties inform us which our events are merely the greatest parties in London plus the British.

Just how can our parties earn that accolade?

Well, at your regular, heterosexual „swingers“ party, this can be a deal:

Firstly, you must set down Ј30 – Ј60 to attend ( our parties are COMPLIMENTARY)

Next, spent lots of the“chasing“ the bitch you fancy, but, those bitches are always in control night. They just find the guys that appeal for them the many. At our events – you’re in control, you just choose any bitch you would like and she follows you, willingly, up to a room.

Our bitches fun you as long as you want. It is usually about yourself, never ever about them.

You do not need to worry about making use of one bitch for quite some time, as it can be many years before you score another, at our events you should use every one of our bitches. Just utilize one, use all 8, it really is totally your decision.

You are amongst other „professional“ type black colored dudes, no „street thugs“ here. They shall respect your „scene“, they wont get competitive because they understand there are lots of bitches to bypass.

A number of our Dark Thrust party Ebony guys also provide intercourse sessions with females away from our events. They generally need other Black guys to come and form teams using them – therefore, they could network with you too, if that is your wish, therefore, black Thrust events can cause increasingly more intercourse.

If a person of y our bitches at a Dark Thrust party really takes your fancy, you can make arrangement to meet up her „one-on-one“ at a future date.

Our bitches would be the „cream“ of tgirls. They’ve been gorgeous and extremely feminine. Just Londons‘ finest are in our events. They’ve been hand picked.

Us) and include your picture if YOU would like to join our exclusive group of trans fuckers, please email your personal details and details of your experience with tgirls or swinging (having no experience is NOT a bar to being allowed to join.

One point that is final you have to live within quick access of Central London. It really is no good if you reside a huge selection of kilometers away or just go to London a couple of times a 12 months. Please try not to waste our time if you fail to fulfil any one of our criteria.

Our male applications are managed by Tiffany, she’s our sexy tgirl celebration organiser and hostess, in the end, you don’t desire to be talking about your intimate desires with a few other black colored guy, can you!

Because we’re so secretive about our use of tgirls, one other Ebony guys naturally desire to stay since personal as you are able to. Therefore, we don’t just ask Ebony dudes „off the road“.

Ebony man candidates are expected to satisfy with tgirl celebration organiser Tiffany first, to ensure she will obtain a feel for your needs. You should use her whenever you meet her, or, just a coffee and a talk shall do too.

Speak to her, as formerly mentioned previously, together with your information and pic(s) by emailing:


Here are some images of a number of the tgirls whom attend our events

Click the first photo and they will all then start up directly into a slip show Several of our Greedy Tgirls



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