Safeguard my time Blessed be my security once I head out during time or evening

Safeguard my time Blessed be my security once I head out during time or evening

That thou mayest not allow any one of my enemies, or thieves, approach me personally, me what was intended from your Holy Altar if they do not intend to bring. Because Jesus the father Jesus Christ is ascended into paradise inside the living Body, and thus shall my own body and wellbeing be protected with this journey. O Lord, bless me personally watching over me night and day. When you look at the title regarding the Father, the Son plus the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Safeguard my Journey

Into the true name of God We carry on this journey. Might God the daddy be beside me, God the Son protect me personally, and Jesus the Holy Ghost be by my side. Whoever is more powerful than these three individuals

May approach my human body and my entire life; yet Whoso isn’t more powerful than these three Would far better I would ike to be!

Allow No Evil Befall Us

O Jesus, You are the preserver of men, and also the keeper of our life. We commit ourselves to Your care that is perfect on journey that awaits us. We pray for a secure and auspicious journey.

Offer Your angels charge over us to keep us in every our means. Let no wicked befall us, nor any damage arrive at our dwelling that individuals leave behind. Although our company is uncertain of just what the days may bring, may we be ready for any occasion or wait, and greet such with persistence and understanding.

Bless us O Lord, that individuals may complete our journey properly and effectively under Your ever watchful care.

Be beside me Christ


The cross of Christ be beside me; The cross of Christ overcomes all water and each fire; The cross of Christ overcomes all tools; The cross of Christ is really a sign that is perfect blessing to my soul.

Might Christ be beside me and my own body during all my life At day as well as evening. Now I pray, we [name], pray God the daddy For the soul’s sake, and we pray God the Son when it comes to Father’s benefit, And we pray Jesus the Holy Ghost for the Father’s and Son’s benefit, And we pray Jesus the Holy Ghost for the when it comes to Father’s therefore the Son’s benefit, That the holy corpse of Jesus may bless me personally against all wicked things, terms and works.

The Cross of Christ

The cross of Christ available unto me personally future bliss; The cross of Christ be beside me, above me personally, before me personally, Behind me personally, beneath me personally, apart of me personally and every-where, and before all my enemies, Visible and hidden; all of these flee from me personally right because they but know or hear.

Enoch and Elias, the 2 prophets, had been never ever Imprisoned, nor bound, nor beaten and arrived never ever from their energy; hence no body of my enemies should be in a position to injure or strike me personally in my own human body Or my entire life, within the title of Jesus the Father, the Son, in addition to Holy Ghost. Amen!

Defense against paradise

The blessing which originated in paradise, From Jesus the daddy, once the living that is true came to be, Be beside me all of the time;

The blessing which Jesus talked throughout the entire people, Be beside me constantly.

The holy cross of Jesus, for as long and also as broad because the one upon which Jesus suffered His blessed, bitter tortures, bless me today and forever. The 3 holy fingernails which had been driven through The holy fingers and legs of Jesus Christ Shall bless me today and forever.

The crown that is bitter of that has been forced upon The holy mind of Christ, shall bless me today and forever.

The spear in which the holy part of Jesus had been exposed, Shall bless me today and forever.

The rosy bloodstream protect me personally from all my enemies, And from everything which night be harmful to my human body Or heart, or my worldly items. Bless me personally, oh ye five wounds that are holy to ensure that all my enemies can be driven away and bound, While Jesus has encompassed all Christendom.

In this shall help me personally Jesus the daddy, the Son together with Holy Ghost. Amen. Therefore should I, [name], be endowed besides so when valid Once the glass and also the wine, plus the true, living bread which Jesus provided their disciples in the evening of Maunday Thursday.



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