How To Write An Effective MBA Application Essay

welcome to one more video and in this video I’m going to give you a structure to write and though very specifically I’m looking at writing your MBA applications but this writing style can actually be used across anything that you’re doing at work something as simple as even this LinkedIn post correct so what are the three elements of writing the first is the story what was the message that you want to convey a lot of times what happens when the MBA outcome is reading your essay they are trying to understand who you are as the person right for that you need to pick the right stories which okis things about you that is not found anywhere else in the application correct so it’s very crucial for you to figure out what is the story that you need to talk about usually the advice that I give is to use a bunch of post-it notes and actually take like a wall and you know pick every story that you have done and just stick it on that wall and just see you know which of the stories you want to pick and choose it’s also easy when you have positive notes to kind of move it around so you could give it structure you could say these are the two stories for my work that I want to use this is from a particular company these are my extracurriculars so you could even you know kind of make the stories you could bucket it into various categories very important that you focus on this once that happens remember a person reading your application at least the first round okay he doesn’t have more than a you know five to six minutes to read your essays make sense of the story one mistake that a lot of people do here is they tell a lot of it without giving proper structure one example I would like to give is if you have heard the famous Steve Jobs speech right at Stanford and it’s a very memorable speech in case you haven’t heard please go ahead and go get for it he starts off by saying I have three stories for you why because the reader knows or the listener knows that there are three stories that are gonna come right so he’s mentally this checklist okay one story second story third story similarly try to find a structure to the day you’re writing and once you are done with this the last part is the language which according to me is important but you know it is probably less important than having the right story in the structure but still here is a very quick and easy way to fix language issues go to grammar okay I have the plug-in installed because when I write on Gmail or I write anywhere usually you know there are some typos there are certain things we tend to forget grammerly is a great way for you to check for some basic mistakes in your writing it’s a tool then I strongly recommend over and above what you could also do is you could have any of the services that does text to voice translation copy-paste your story there and try to turn on and hear whatever you’ve written sometimes when you hear what you have written you just make sense whether you’re sounding correct you’re sounding you know whether it’s a little off or you’re on track right so I hope this writing tip helps you not just for your LB application but in general writing anywhere let me know what you thought about this post I am always you know glad to hear your feedback and your comments thank you



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