He set his profile as bi together with many communications with partners and males

He set his profile as bi together with many communications with partners and males

I usually felt he had been an opertunist I feel so lost the pain sensation is enormous I’ve spent 13 years with this specific man he raised my 4 kiddies & we now have 3 grandchildren in 2013 worst ever is I found this crap out right after miscarring our 2nd baby ‘m so shocked confused heartbroken so many emotions I feel so alone & have no one to talk to about this its so embarrassing Poisoned its been awhile since you posted but if you see my reply maybe you would like to talk maybe we can help each other to move on in this process that we never signed up for ugh it would just be great to have someone to relate to you can email me K that he adores as if they were his real blood I also paid $7000 to have my tubes reversed to have a baby with him

I’m shaking reading your post. It feels like it was written by me. That is very brand new and fresh in my situation and I’m entirely blindsided and totally lost.

I simply typed and removed my tale four times it is therefore awful We don’t think I am able to upload it, also anonymously. Have any sort was found by you of teams or forums to speak to other people dealing with this? i’m actually fighting a therapist that seems equally flabbergasted and family/ friends who don’t respect me personally for maybe maybe perhaps not filing for divorce proceedings yet. I’m additionally actually struggling not to go on it all therefore really can there be something amiss for me i should have seen this coming, those sorts of things with me, I always suspected it was too good to be true, he was always too good. Any assistance everyone can even offer merely to talk, could be therefore, therefore amazing. Everybody the following is within my ideas well,.

My journey I’ll call it (nightmare) started this past year whenever my better half of 15 years lost their daddy. He passed away instantly of the massive heartattack. Things have actually entirely unraveled since that time. That he stopped even trying to please me since I believe my husband is a sex addict the sex didn’t necessarily decrease it was. After losing my head, begging for closeness or simply answers to why things appeared to be changing, i came across porn on his phone. It destroyed me personally, then it destroyed our sex-life totally. Imagine a powerful, healthier forty something man that is manly does not and can’t get an early early morning erection. Often maybe not through the or night day. Their porn addiction had bought out. He had been perhaps not the person we lived or married with for 15 years. Fast ahead six months also it appears to have progressed to homosexual porn and other dubious behavior he proceeded to deny. I’m therefore heartbroken, devastated, confused, and alone with this road. I’d love to e-mail you if you ever require a knowledge ear to pay attention or simply just to understand we have been one of many in this unfathomable situation. Plenty of love and thoughts that are positive

Hi here, a months that are few i came across my better half of a decade had a profile on Adult Friend Finder. He set their profile as bi together with many messages with partners and guys. He admitted to fulfilling w three females over a length of very nearly 36 months numerous times that had been section of partners and came across one guy but simply for coffee. He states he’s maybe not gay or drawn to guys. Soon after we married down sex-life found an end with only periodic closeness possibly once or twice per year. I initiated . He states he’s got hard being close to individuals and even though starting counselling it seems we will can’t say for sure the reality. He could be dropping all over himself to be much more affectionate and now have sexy w me. We now have two lovely girls. I do not desire to be hitched up to a man that prefers men….


I’ve been looking for anybody in identical situation for the time that is really long. The commentary above provided me with chills. Does anybody who commented above nevertheless look over these? Sooo want to talk.

Today hi there it’s me coco I just signed my separation agreement w my husband. Additional information arrived away and e proceeded to lie he said he could be perhaps not an addict he was molested one summer and now his reason is being repeatedly raped for years that he is bi then his reason was liking extreme sex then. He could be a man that is gay denial. I’m extremely sad for my children and I also wish he is able to live a geniune life at some point.

Hello, I’ve been going right on through hell after finding my husbands collection we’ve been married 8 yrs while having 3 children. I’m fully broken he to start with said he had been homosexual for months explained a tale the good news is We state We can’t be with him he’s changed and stated he’s maybe not homosexual also it had been simply the addiction!! somebody please help I’m in limbo!! He is wanted by me gone but We don’t want that for my young ones



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