Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants on Victorian Matrimony Registry

Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants on Victorian Matrimony Registry

To have joined in Victoria, it is advisable to:

  • Suit qualification obligations
  • Lodge a the time to find out proposed Matrimony (NOIM)
  • Getting partnered by an authorized municipal wedding celebrant or an authorised minister of institution
  • Need 2 witnesses go to marriage ceremony commemoration.

If you’d like to create hitched from the Victorian Matrimony Registry:

Exact same love-making union

Around australia, the law permits matrimony between both opposite-sex and same-sex people.


You could potentially get married in Victoria should you be:

  • Elderly 18 years or more aged, or
  • Between 16 and 18 years, marrying someone that’s around 18 yrs old.

If you are 16 or 17 yrs old, if your wanting to marry you have to get:

  • a writ from an assess or magistrate letting the marriage, and
  • Written agree from your own adults.
  • Get currently joined to somebody else
  • Marry a detailed general (mother, grandparent, youngsters, grandchild, brother or related).

Hotel A Notice of Anticipated Wedding

You ought to lodge a Notice of designated Matrimony (NOIM) a minumum of one month before wedding ceremony meeting.

Celebrants and ministers

Marriages in Victoria must be done by an authorised celebrant, just like:

  • One of the celebrants inside the Victorian Marriage Registry
  • Territory officers at some territorial surfaces (contact your hometown the courtroom for info)
  • Commonwealth-registered relationship celebrants (view Australian federal government Attorney-General’s division website (additional back link) for a subscriber base)
  • Ministers of religion of known denominations.


Wedding ceremony function 1961 together with the relationships laws regulate relationships in Australia. They specify the needs that a married relationship wedding must encounter.

The looks and length of the commemoration can be one. You may choose for:

  • A simple commemoration that also includes exactly the legitimate requisite
  • A lengthier commemoration.

The celebrant or minister will say to you the phraseology that your particular commemoration must consist of.

There is no set cost for a wedding service in Victoria. Check costs along with your celebrant or minister before reserving your wedding reception.

Witnesses at your event

You will need two witnesses in your wedding ceremony, inside:

  • Find the commemoration
  • Signal wedding certificates.

Witnesses can be any member of the family or buddy that’s at any rate 18 years.

Proof marriage

On your wedding, you’ll receive a commemorative nuptials certification. It is not exactly like a legal union document and generally cannot be used for recognized usage as proof your own wedding.

As soon as your relationship is definitely licensed (your celebrant or minister does this), you can actually sign up for a legitimate relationships certificates.

Varying your name

Generally, there’s no need to request a difference of identity to battle your partner’s PouЕѕijte Weblink. group brand. Determine updating your term after marriage, separation or divorce.

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