Essay Writing 101 – How to Write an Essay – Fast and Easy Format

today we’re talking about eight steps to rating and college essay step 1 understand the assignment read the essay prompt given by your professor and make sure that you understand exactly was required if you have any questions ask your professor or teacher’s assistant after class or via email it may be a good idea to write down notes involving the scope of what is required so that you can reference that at a later time step 2 pick your topic so now that you understand the task ahead the next step is to brainstorm a topic we recommend choosing one that interests you and you do not know much about this way you will actually learn something from it when students ask us about topic advice we tell them to go with a current event something that’s in the news something that is talked about a lot for starters there will be plenty of you know recent sources available to cite on the subject and it will be something attractive to your reader as well step 3 start your research if you took our advice and stuff – and pick the topic that you do not know much about then you will be required to research the topic before you can write about it you know this will be where you can find some quality sources on the subject and cite them in your essay find online articles find books websites and read them the knowledge you gain from this process will help you write a solid essay we recommend staying away from Wikipedia as a source because professors don’t really like it step 4 develop your thesis statement a thesis statement is one or two sentences that fits your purpose of your essay and what you’re trying to accomplish this could also serve as an essay hook which is to hook your reader into watching spend the time to read your entire paper step 5 create an outline part of having an amazing essay is also making sure that it’s well organized and well mapped start out with the introduction the body and then the conclusion most of the time your body paragraph will have several to three sections or subheadings which you will need to include in your outline as well step 6 write your essay now that you have your topic and your material and your outline and your thesis statement it’s time to start writing grab a cup of coffee and start jotting down your ideas at first they don’t need to make much sense just get it all out and then you can organize it into a five paragraph format later on step 7 cite your sources now anytime you use information or facts that you’ve found every source you must cite that source in the paper on a work cited page if you need specific information on the various citation methods along with examples check out the link in our video description for additional tutorials and step 8 clean up an organization the final step you’re almost at the finish line now go through your essay one final time cleaning up the ideas and organizing them into sensible paragraphs and sections that fit a standard essay format make sure that all of your sources are cited correctly and your bibliography is properly formatted and you’re done now you have completed an outstanding essay which should earn you a passing grade if you have any questions regarding essay writing or even need a custom written example on your topic head over to our website which you can find in the video description thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week on the next episode when we attempt to tackle another college writing issue



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