Do trust that is NOT business with all of your commercial vehicles. You are safe in your car with car insurance by your side when you are on the road trying to make a living nowing. Works out its cancelled without your understanding.

Do trust that is NOT business with all of your commercial vehicles. You are safe in your car with car insurance by your side when you are on the road trying to make a living nowing. Works out its cancelled without your understanding.

My dad every time he purchases insurance coverage constantly will pay in complete. He paid in complete $418.75 for a year that is whole. Having once you understand that individuals assumed that the automobile will be protected when I attempted to renovate the tags on it today May 31, 2017 to find out by the DMV that my isurance had not been legitimate.

I’d to get in touch with Top Value Insurance solutions from where we acquired this insurance coverage through. Then they were told by me that my dad constantly will pay in complete why had been here an invalid on their insurance coverage it doesn’t expire from 6/21/17 – 6/21/18 at 12:01 AM . I had to contact Titan insurance coverage inquire further just what the hell was happening since they pointed out that their policy ended up being exipired.

we had never gotten a page of cancellation saying that the insurance policy ended up being terminated.

Now he was to re-instate a new policy all over again that it was cancelled. Meaning he would need to reopen a new policy and offer yet more income for them!!

This business installment loans Texas just wishes your hard earned money and will not worry about you nor the social individuals tangled up in your policy. It has been the next time we have experienced a concern with this specific so named company that is trust-Worthy.

  • Oct 14, 2016

We additionally just gotten a call from „Titan Financial“. They declined to provide me personally the title associated with financial institution we „owe“ precisely $800 to and would settle throughout the phone for $643.56. To that they claim is an exactly 25% discount. Sorry we’m a math whiz and precisely 25% would bring to to $600 regarding the buck. Don’t fall for it.

  • Feb 2, 2016

Final friday on January 29th of 2016 i received an message that is automated effect mediation services claiming these are the appropriate representatives of a company entity concerning payday advances. The title for the company entity is Titan Group Financial LLC. I really believe a while during 2012 i applied for an loan that is online usually do not keep in mind getting the funds or becoming authorized.

They’ve been now demanding repayment of this initial loan plus cost’s and interest costs which have been incurred ever since then. They (Titan) claim we owe over $1000.00 while having offered me personally funds arrangement of $600.00 not to pursue the situation in court. We have examined my credit file and done a Smartlinx on myself that will be a records that are personal on all my present company records and all sorts of other relevent data and that can perhaps not find any information to substantiate their claim against me personally.

They usually have perhaps not supplied me personally because of the evidence/information to verify that i am individually accountable for this so-called „payday loan.“ We have requested my claims handler at impact mediation to request documents that are such Titan to validate their claims when I try not to thwenk we owe them hardly any money. We plan to file a complaint using the trade that is federal so they really may conduct a study of the business’s company techniques. We feel i have always been a victim of a business scam and fraudulant charges/accusations.

I shall you will need to get more details in the certain business this is certainly alleging these costs, it is nationwide online company that deals with online payday loans as i only know. We ask that further investigations be carried out with this business TITAN GROUP FINANCIAL LLC many thanks for the awareness of this matter.



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