Citibank Credit Card money Withdrawal.The cash advance or money withdrawal function can be obtained of all of the Citibank bank cards.

Citibank Credit Card money Withdrawal.The cash advance or money withdrawal function can be obtained of all of the Citibank bank cards.

permits the cardholders to withdraw money from ATMs making use of their bank cards. The facility will act as a crisis investment or instant loan as they can be availed at any point of the time without publishing any papers towards the bank nor through getting any further approvals.

Withdrawing money utilizing a credit card can be straightforward as withdrawing cash using a debit card through the ATM. But, in relation to bank card money withdrawal, you can find a fees that are few fees involved. thus, cardholders should become aware of most of the conditions and terms of Citibank bank card cash loan function before availing it.

What exactly is Citibank Bank Card Money Withdrawal?

The cash advance feature, on the other hand, enables cash withdrawals using a credit card while the basic feature of a credit card allows users to conduct card-based transactions. The Citibank card cash advance function therefore enables qualified Citibank charge card users to avail the money withdrawal benefit utilizing their bank cards. The center is availed after all domestic and ATMs that are international accept Visa or MasterCard/Maestro cards.

Citibank Charge Card Money Withdrawal Limit

The money advance limitation on a charge card could be the quantity designed for money withdrawal in the card. Just as the borrowing limit from the card, cardholders should withdraw money inside the money restriction rather than beyond that.

Typically money restriction is a portion or percentage of total borrowing limit in the card. By way of example, in the event that total borrowing limit in the card is Rs.50,000, money restriction will be around 30-40% of this borrowing limit.

Citibank also sets a cash limitation on its charge cards. Nevertheless, the bucks withdrawal restriction is usually communicated towards the cardholder in the period of card issuance. As each card holds a cash that is different, you ought to check out the conditions and terms of the card to understand the borrowing limit and money limitation on your own bank card. Further, the lender could also set a cap regarding the minimum and optimum cash allowed for withdrawal per ATM deal. Additionally, the withdrawal limitation could be various for deals made at Citibank ATMs and non-Citibank ATMs. All details that are such additionally be communicated by the bank during the time of distribution regarding the card.

Citibank Bank Card Money Withdrawal Fee

Advance loan cost could be the fee levied for every single cash withdrawal made using a charge card. Each time you withdraw money utilizing your charge card, you’re going to be faced with a transaction cost which is put into the next thirty days cycle that is billing.

Bank Card Cash Withdrawal Bankwise

Citibank gathers credit cards cash loan cost of 2.5% associated with the withdrawn quantity or Rs.500, whichever is higher. In the event that you withdraw two times a day, you’re going to be charged for the transactions on the basis of the billed quantity. Further, the bucks advance cost additionally draws finance costs corresponding to the fees levied from the withdrawn quantity. And also the interest will be charged through the date of deal till the quantity is paid back in complete.

Interest Costs on Citibank Money Withdrawal

  • The bank charges an initial interest rate of 3.25% per month or 39% per annum for first time credit card users, except for the Citi Ultima Credit Card users.
  • For any other Citibank charge cards, the attention price can vary from 3.1% p.m. to 3.40% p.m. or 37.2% p.a. to 40.80per cent p.a. The price does apply only if the account is within good standing and all sorts of the outstanding dues are cleared on time.
  • For standard repayments, that is for folks who neglect to spend perhaps the minimum amount due, Citibank charges interest as much as 3.5% p.m. or 42% p.a.



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