These range from shorter prices such as Gay Marriage at 6/1 and then build to Women’s Voting Rights at 300/1 or Stairs (!) at 500/1. These are the more obscure bets where you really would be wasting your money. Interestingly however, there are a number of ‘celebrities’ enjoying the type of mid range price that has also been levelled at Mark Zuckerberg and Michelle Obama.

  • Specialising in American Vegas Style Odds, NFL , MLB, NBA, NHL and College Sports Betting.
  • It involves misdirection and elision, great study and great neglect.
  • Harris is top-rated in the betting and her chance is obvious.
  • The great thing is that we can bet on the outcome, so let’s get to know the candidates for 2020 presidential election in more detail and see where the best of the value lies.

Political betting odds have today been updated on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in the UK and USA as a series of events unfolded this week. Some huge bets have been placed on the Presidential race, and with Joe Biden’s projection as the new President-elect, the winners and losers are coming into sharp focus. When John Mappin made his first bet the odds of Donald Trump becoming the US president were 33 to 1. To join the free-to-play presidential pool, log into your DraftKings account or visit the DraftKings DFS app and pick your answers to the 12 election questions by 5 p.m. Provides a detailed history of political prediction markets in the US, and shows early markets in the 19th and early 20th Centuries provided accurate forecasts and satisfied market efficiency. A combinatorial prediction market is a type of prediction market where participants can make bets on combinations of outcomes.

Us Election Debate Generates Heat But Little Light

When it comes to calculating probability – there really isn’t a rule for American odds, so it’s important to convert your odds to decimal. With the American odds format, each candidate will have a negative or positive number next to their name, and that signifies the likelihood of them winning the race. So if Donald Trump has -110 odds to win the 2024 US Presidential Election, and Joe Biden has +125 odds, this indicates that Trump is more likely to win the election with his -110 odds. As well as writing sports betting tips for 888sport since 2015, Alex has produced content for several international media companies, such as and The SPORTBible. Alex is a sports betting tipster, specialising in Premier League football, the Champions League and horse racing.

The mobile friendly site can be accessed while waiting in line at the voting polls or while ordering coffee at a local cafe. No matter where you are, MyBookie is not far away and with the 24/7 news cycle of the Presidential Election whenever breaking news hits this online sportsbook is available at all times accepting bets. Choosing to place bets with MyBookie ensures risk takers are betting at a legitimate sportsbook featuring an easy to reach customer service department should any problems occur. MyBookie also has a moderate amount of ways to deposit and withdraw funds making this one of the best value sites to bet on which political party will be in control of the office of the US President for the next four years.

Trump 2016

„Although it was around the time of the BLM-inspired protests that his polling and betting position got a bit worse.“ Betfair were first to put a halt to betting on the election, followed soon after by other major bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes, Australia’s TAB and Ireland-based Paddy Power. However Trump’s odds of being re-elected shortened off the back of the vice presidential debate. Multiple bets worth more than $100,000 have been placed on Joe Biden winning the presidency in the last week—but none have gone on President Donald Trump, according to a leading UK bookmaker. I’ve posted all of the odds at the bottom of the article for each “candidate” (Some people priced up aren’t running at all) that’s priced up in the market at the time of publishing. However, the same rules don’t apply in other countries, which means betting agencies based in Australia, the UK and other nations are open for business, with most companies allowing punters to place a bet online.

This system may seem unusual to European eyes, but it was put in place to ensure that smaller, more marginalised states were not steam-rolled by larger states when it came to determining who becomes president of the country. There is some concern in some quarters of the American electorate that this system is an anachronism and needs changing, but that is a debate for elsewhere. If you’re looking for betting odds for the US election you do need to understand the Electoral College.

uk betting odds on us presidential election

Don’t get bet regret by missing out on the top offers and features. At LBO we do the hard work for you and list all of the best offers in one place for your convenience. All betting sites and bookmakers featured on the site have been fully vetted by our team and are also licensed in the United Kingdom and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. We also provide guides and previews of the biggest sporting events, such as Wimbledon, Cheltenham, Royal Ascot and many many more. Our guides will not only help you find the best bet and offer but also give you the low down on the key facts and features about the events. Unibet are huge and can compete with the UK highstreet big boys when it comes to markets and feature.

Underdog Trump Attracting Far More Action At Legal Online Betting Sites

The Presidential Pardon is a political tool that Presidents have used throughout the history of the United States. After Trump pardoned his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in November it’s widely assumed that there will be more Presidential pardons on the way before the Biden administration takes over the US government. After his victories in the primaries against his main rival Bernie Sanders, the odds of the former vice-president becoming the Democratic nominee to go head-to-head with Trump in November were now 1/25 or 96% in his favour. Can I say that I don’t have a clue about gambling so someone tell me is this good or bad for President Trump. This means you risk $4,000 to win $100 on Biden and risk $100 to win $1,000 on President Trump. President Trump went from being a big underdog to being a big favorite back to being a big underdog in a series of wild flips.



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