Ask MetaFilter. I will be an individual very early 30s feminine employed in a specialist offices, as a part of a team that is small.

Ask MetaFilter. I will be an individual very early 30s feminine employed in a specialist offices, as a part of a team that is small.

I will be an individual very early 30s feminine involved in an expert work place, as a part of a tiny group. a colleague that is male We experienced really good chemistry together for many months, with a few light flirting. He’s got a long-lasting gf that we have not met and know absolutely nothing about as he never discusses her, but i recognize she exists; just because he had been solitary i am aware it is generally speaking a blunder to follow somebody focusing on my group.

Nonetheless, in regards to a thirty days ago at an after-work occasion, both of us got really drunk and finished up making away pretty heavily (perhaps not in the front of your colleagues, luckily). I will be ashamed to acknowledge that I don’t recall the precise series of occasions that resulted in this (like whom initiated it) nor information about the encounter apart from that he wound up during the home of my apartment, plainly willing to come in and just take things further, but We delivered him house. We additionally keep in mind freely talking about their gf but can’t keep in mind that which was said. In addition stated some things that are absolutely mortifying how awesomely sexy I thought he had been. *Cringe*

Literally your day after this took place, he left for the three-week company trip. Conflicting schedules prevented us from seeing one another before he left, but he delivered me personally a business-related e-mail that day that included, “Unfortunately i did not reach talk with you before we left… hope you’ve recovered from yesterday evening, I’d a fantastic time…”

We had written straight straight back that I ended up being additionally sorry we didn’t have an opportunity to talk and therefore I additionally had a great time. And that ended up being that.

Now he could be straight straight back at the office and have always been i recently wondering if i ought to say other things to him in what occurred. We’ve only chatted shortly to date, and every thing happens to be friendly and expert but additionally merely a little tense. We definitely don’t want to let just what took place interfere with your relationship that is working do We want to inform anybody by what occurred and I also am certain that he won’t either. With him; since he’s maybe not, there is certainly clearly nowhere because of this to get (unless he is thinking about making their gf any time in the future. if i will be truthful, i might state that have been he solitary, i may attempt to pursue one thing) we simply wonder as we will obviously continue working together (and go out drinking with colleagues – in fact we’re all supposed to go out together this Friday) if it’s somehow rude or weird not to ever mention it again, especially.

A buddy informs me the protocol for drunken coworker hookups would be to NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN; I’m simply wondering exactly exactly what AskMeFi thinks is acceptable here. Broach this issue first? Wait it up for him to bring? Silence forever? Formal sit back discussion or lightheartedly laugh it well? And when you have held it’s place in this example, exactly how did it is handled by you?

A buddy informs me the protocol for drunken coworker hookups would be to NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN

I do believe that is most likely the real option to get. published by empath

Unless he brings it up first if it were me, I would not bring it up. It is possible as you do about the situation and is glad that you sent him home so that he didn’t end up cheating on his girlfriend that he feels just as embarrassed.

If he brings it, you need to speak about it (exactly what option are you experiencing otherwise? Avoid him forever or quit your work?). But, physically, I’d allow it to be it up first unless he brings. That may result in things being embarrassing and tight for a while but, ideally, which will dissipate after having a couple of weeks.



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