A Comprehensive Guide for Online Dating App Like Tinder

A Comprehensive Guide for Online Dating App Like Tinder

Long gone are the days, when people would meet someone special in the park, cafe, parties. The internet has empowered traditional methods of people finding love through an online dating app. It’s now all captured in the dynamic world, where people rely on the internet for almost everything.

The youth of our world are firm believers in online dating; where they won’t have to go hunting for their soulmates, or a temporary relationship. This makes a great opportunity for marketers to charm the masses by getting dating app development. Let’s move ahead to make this idea a concrete one.

Now the traditional methods are beginning to dissipate with the increasing number of people who are socially accepting online dating as their medium to find their partner. Although there are many people who are not comfortable with this method of discovering their life-partner with the help of internet match-making, but it has stolen abundant hearts to keep on throbbing in the near future.

We understand that online dating doesn’t exactly feel like building a natural relationship, but in the digital era there are renowned apps like Tinder. It is a leading brand in the world of online match-making and establishing its reputation on the market, it has ranked first on global monthly downloads for both android and iOS with over 1 Billion downloads by.

Business Marketer can take this situation to their advantage. In the age of the Internet, there is always a rising opportunity waiting for them. For the millennials, they can create online dating mobile application for users who are interested(which is quite an impressive number!). This is going https://datingperfect.net/dating-sites/us-military-singles-reviews-comparison/ to boost the revenue of your business since the online dating market is expected to grow revenue by 4.3%.

To withstand that online dating application could be a success, we are throwing in some graphs to depict the scenario of the present and a few future predictions:

As you can see in the above chart by Statista, the online dating industry is going in one direction and that looks prospering for you. The numbers are going nowhere but up. This indicates that it would be a good investment, to build an online dating mobile application. With

The penetration rate is 3.22% and expected to hit 3.6% by 2024 according to our source, it gives us more foundation on the idea to make a business in this market.

Let’s move ahead and see how you will create a prospering app like Tinder:

Your First Interaction Could Be The Last Interaction!

They won’t look twice if your app won’t charm at first glance.

Yes, we all understand the significance of first interactions. Similar to the real-life incidences of meeting someone new, the first interaction with your target audience would hold the first-date-like importance. Therefore, it would be great if you could provide a short tutorial of what your app offers to the customers. If we see at pioneers of the online dating app industry, we can observe that they leave no chance to impress their audience. Yes, you got the hint. There should be no spot left when presented in front of the right audience. There should be a simple yet interactive tutorial, to make users fall in love with your app before they become prey to your cupid.

The Tech-stack You’ll Need

No App will Rock Market Without A Pinch of Impeccable Tech-savvy Features

Now that you have users ready to sail in your ship to discover their Mr. or Miss. Right, you need to pass the test of providing them a way to find the best match. It is a critical process to match users according to the different round of questions you’ve asked them about themselves, and what qualities they are looking for from their partner. But don’t stress too much because this is where your tech-stack will ease up your work.

Let’s explore some of the matching techniques that are used by online dating apps:


Everyone would like the thought of dating the boy/girl next door. Making acquaintance with someone who lives with or close to your area is preferable to many. With geographic proximity, this can be possible. With the implementations of GPS components in the matching algorithm of your dating app, your users would have a list ready of nearby fellow users. The customers can choose according to their preferences. Bumble and Tinder run on the operatives.

Mathematical Analytics:

With this technology, we can connect people by detecting the similarities in the answers given by the same asked questions. Next, an analysis will be made, based on the compatibility percentage of these answers. The complexity of these questions can be separated from one another. For instance, the kind of answer you gave and what you expect from the partner. These could also be seen as a replicate version of “old-school” or traditional matching apps. One of the renowned apps that run on this algorithm is OkCupid.



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